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*To further our mission of promoting the role of lab testing in the early detection of disease 10% of the proceeds generated from Lab Test Advocates is given back as free lab testing.

To apply to receive FREE Lab Testing

Follow these 3 Steps:

1. Go to Ulta Lab Tests/Lab Test Advocate.

Select "Login / New Account" and register as a “New Patient”.

Note: Free testing, when awarded, is provided as a gift card.  No purchase is necessary but you must be registered in order to be awarded the free testing if you are chosen as a recipient.  *If you are already registered proceed to step 2.

​​​​​​​2. At Ulta Lab Tests/Lab Test Advocate search the lab tests offered and select which Lab Test or Health Panel you would like to receive.

3.  Complete the form below.

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lab blood testing.jpg is powered by Ulta Lab Tests. Together we offer deep discounts to consumers ordering lab tests online. At Lab Test Advocate, we are dedicated not only to providing affordable health lab services and education, but also to providing free lab testing.

The more people who promote, share and utilize our service directly,

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