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We are a group of Healthcare Professionals who campaign for lab testing to promote the early detection, prevention, and monitoring of disease.


At we provide education, resources and information  regarding lab tests and lab testing.


“Scientia est potential”… Latin saying meaning "knowledge is power".


Our mission is to provide you with information to help you make good choices regarding your health and healthcare. 


To further our mission and activism, and to give back to the community, we regularly select from our newsletter subscribers to receive FREE Lab Testing


In reality, the free lab tests is a “co-op gift” delivered by all those who volunteer to promote, utilize and order lab testing from

*The more people who promote and utilize our service directly, the more free testing we can provide back to the community.  


We ask all to join us in our mission

and ask for your help.

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Our mission:

To provide you with information to help you make good choices regarding your health care. 

Our goal:

To promote the prevention and

early detection of disease. is Powered by Ulta Lab Tests.

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